Announcing a new project this Mother's Day

The experience of parents of disabled children deserves to be shared and explored.

“You either walk into your story and own your truth, or you live outside of your story, hustling for your worthiness.” —Brene Brown

Hi everybody,

I’m doing a new thing. And that thing involves some radical self-acceptance.

As many of you know, I’ve spent some time during the last two years working on, and trying to publish, a book. This book would blend my personal experience — as a mother to disabled twins — with my professional experience — as a reporter — in order to talk seriously about the systems that are supposed to be helping families like mine. What is it like to deal with them? Where they are failing? How they could be better?

I have done research showing how common — and increasingly so — this medicalized parenting experience is. I have watched as COVID-19 made the veil between this life and “normal” life even thinner. Everyone in the last year has gotten a taste of what it’s like to suddenly sacrifice major aspects of their daily life while dealing with the frustrating American medical, social and school systems.

And yet…

While all that has been happening, I found myself spending so much of my writing time trying to break into a medium that is in turmoil — and isn’t sure it wants what I have to offer. Book publishing, as one literary agent told me, is not what it was even 10 years ago. A book about the realities and hardships of medical parenthood is a tough sell, even though there are tens of thousands of parents who are desperate for this information.

I know. I was one of them.

So here comes the radical self-acceptance part: I’m tired of waiting for someone to give me “permission” to create and distribute information that I know is essential for medical parents and the wider community to have. I’m just not going to anymore. I don’t need their permission. I only need my permission and...

…well, yours. 

Will you create this with me?

You can give me that permission by signing up to be a subscriber. If you want to only access the FREE content, please do! I am not doing this for the money and I don’t expect to make much.

But, I am also offering paid subscription options, cuz that’s part of the radical self-acceptance, too: that my work has value. The paid offerings will evolve just like this newsletter will. If we ever get to 100 paid subscribers, I would love to add a weekly advice column (like Dear Sugar). Also, for every 10 paid subscribers, I will give away one subscription for free to those who can’t afford it. (Email me at to get on that list.) Over the longterm, if this project is to have the scope and impact I envision, it will take cashflow, so I do hope you will consider signing up.

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Not a blog, a journalism project

I am going to start small — one issue every Sunday — but I already have big dreams. I want to follow the money — do some real reporting on our health care, social services and education systems to find out what all our tax dollars are really paying for.

If that sounds like stuff you want to read; stuff you want to exist; stuff you want to help birth into existence like the powerful medical mama you are, click subscribe. 

And thanks. 


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