Julie Beckett’s legacy is honoring the role parents play in raising disabled childrenListen now (21 min) | Beckett's 2022 death highlights what has changed and what remains the same in the four decades since the creation of Katie Beckett…
'We did it. It worked.' Watch the senate hearing on paid parent caregiver bills in OregonListen now (17 min) | Plus: Sign up for a national webinar on the subject March 8
Introducing a supermama superhero: Clarissa Kent, Disability DefenderListen now (10 min) | Supermamas everywhere, unite!
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Oregon to ban expulsions from preschool but what about kids who never get in?Listen now (14 min) | See my article in this month's PDX Parent for answers and details
There are other people walking in the rainListen now (12 min) | It's nice not to be alone in this disability journey
Disabled children are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse. What’s a parent to do?Ascolta ora (17 min) | Nicole Moehring, an Ohio medical mama, says ableism in the system makes perpetrators harder to catch
How to use ChatGPT to simplify the stuff you need to do for your disabled childAscolta ora (20 min) | The new AI could save you time and mental effort in so many ways
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