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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for subscribing to Medical Motherhood. If you want to upgrade your subscription, now’s the time to do it with $15 off a 12-month subscription until Christmas!

You’ll still get the Sunday emails and podcast, but also quarterly behind-the-scenes reports and sneak peeks.

This is subscriber-funded journalism at its finest — no ads, no special interests. I’m working for you. With more resources, I could take on bigger projects in 2022, with bigger impacts on the policies and institutions you care about. (You can make an even greater contribution with a founding membership — just select that option at check out!)

We’ve grown a lot just in the first year and we’re just getting started. We added a podcast version and I’m even thinking about how to host fun in-person events once it’s safe!

Everyone with a free subscription is eligible for the sale, so share with your friends. I won’t be doing another sale until our Mother’s Day anniversary. Act now!

Get 30% off for 1 year

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