What is Medical Motherhood?

Hi, my name is Shasta Kearns Moore. I used to report full-time for the Portland Tribune, but that became untenable with the needs of my children, so I resigned. Then COVID-19.

I'm still online schooling my kids and navigating the high seas of caregiving, but in May 2021, I started this weekly newsletter for parents like me. I called it Medical Motherhood as an alternative to the "special needs mom" label. Subscriptions are free with optional tiers of support. Each Sunday, you get an original essay or original reporting and an international news roundup of issues affecting those raising disabled children. Paid subscribers also get access to exclusive events and insider updates.

I do this work to offer hub of learning and community that I did not have as a new parent of disabled children. So if it resonates with you, sign up.

Why subscribe?

Medical Motherhood offers news, insights and personal essays on what it's like to raise children who differ from common expectations. It is independent journalism funded by and for you. Whether you are a medical mama yourself, a health professional, a social worker, a special education instructor, or just a concerned human, you'll learn a lot here. Subscribe to get full access to the archives, quarterly behind-the-scenes posts, and access to exclusive events.

Explore the issues that really matter

When a child is diagnosed with a disability, there is usually a steep learning curve for the parents. Medical Motherhood will explore the hard questions: Who pays for all the extra support? What challenges will I face? How do I even know where to start?

Join the club

Be part of a community of parents who know what it’s like. Medical parenthood can feel isolating, but you are not alone. According to estimates, 20,000 children are diagnosed with medically fragile conditions each year and there are 16.8 million caregivers to minor disabled children. Find your community.

What people are saying…

“Shasta writes all the thoughts in my head. Just in a way that makes sense to other people.” — Calli

“A great resource of information about raising disabled children." — Lyndsey

“Incredibly informative, eye-opening, real-world and well-written information source on a ‘medical motherhood’ journey. It’s based on her experiences and research (she’s a journalist by trade). Whether you want to feel a sense of community and solidarity, learn from her experiences or increase your own awareness, I highly encourage you to take a peek. I subscribed and am so glad I did.” — Keli

“Shasta is using her journalism background and her way with words to get our plight out there for all to digest one article at a time. I encourage anyone who is living this life as well — or those who want to be allies and have a taste as to what we are dealing with — to sign up for a subscription.” — Jenny

“Wow!! This is so needed!” — Lisa

“You have the eye for the stories that count, and this is one that few will tell.  I’m grateful to you, and this mom, for that.” — Tamara

“These are (no surprise) extremely well-written, powerful essays.” — John Schrag, executive editor, Pamplin Media Group

“I love what Shasta does. She makes people feel less alone. She listens and articulates very well and she is so compassionate. She is a great writer and journalist and we truly need people like her to tell our stories.” — Lorri

“It's real and refreshing. Sometimes makes me cry, but that's not a bad thing. It's great to be understood. You say what only another medical mama in the trenches could say. Thank you!” — Marti