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Medical Motherhood offers news, insights and personal essays on what it's like to raise children who differ from common expectations. It is independent journalism funded by and for you. Whether you are a medical mama yourself, a health professional, a social worker, a special education instructor, or just a concerned human, you'll learn a lot here. Subscribe to get full access to the Sunday morning newsletter and website. Never miss an update.

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When a child is diagnosed with a disability, there is usually a steep learning curve for the parents. Medical Motherhood will explore the hard questions: Who pays for all the extra support? What challenges will I face? How do I even know where to start?

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Be part of a community of parents who know what it’s like. Medical parenthood can feel isolating but you are not alone. By one estimate, 20,000 children are diagnosed with medically fragile conditions each year in the U.S. Find your community.