Sitemap - 2022 - Medical Motherhood

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Biden administration's nearly $1 billion plan for infant/toddler support needs empowered moms to work

A medical mama's Christmas wish

On the cusp of disabled child's adulthood, a mother wonders how caregiver income could have changed their lives

The gifts of raising disabled children

A mother's raw reaction to medical motherhood showcased in new documentary

When simple fixes aren't so simple

Feds unveil a national strategy for family caregiver support

Fear can be healing: Why you might actually want to be terrified

Can you really pay someone to care?

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TFW you can't be late but your doctor can

Year 2, Q2: Our homegrown, craft-brewed publication keeps growing

Working motherhood is even harder when your child has a disability

That viral Portland intruder story has a deeper meaning no one is talking about

Everything you need to know about ABLE accounts

DIY hell: When adaptive equipment isn't worth the effort

Read my story on the childcare crisis in Oregon Business magazine

The kids are not OK: What you can do during the youth mental health crisis

Get your special education student ready for school with this free template

National 'Blueprint' aims to combat systemic problems for disabled children

Year 2, Q1: MM continues to grow, thanks to your support

Are you a mama bear or a scared cricket?

What can you do to keep your pregnancy safe during a heat wave?

Why I don't use the term 'special needs' anymore

The best books to help celebrate Disability Pride Month

The 'special needs' cost multiplier

That feeling when national experts agree that the system for disabled children is broken and needs fixing

Our caregiver conversation on Oregon Public Broadcasting shows the need for true supports

Medical Fatherhood: What are the unique challenges for dads of disabled kids?

Dire consequences of ongoing formula shortage could have been avoided, parents say

What you need to know about Social Security's benefits for disabled children

Julie Beckett’s legacy is honoring the role parents play in raising disabled children

Beyond the ‘Unseen’ documentary: Parent-caregivers need societal solutions

Single mom escapes 'victim mentality' through paid parent-caregiving but will it last?

Sneak peek into Year Two, a quarterly report and a special announcement!

Speaking our truths: ONE year of Medical Motherhood!

'Unseen' documentarian was shocked at the reality for parents raising disabled children

Mother fears being forced to choose between her daughter and homelessness

Survey says: Paid parent-caregivers mean healthier, happier disabled children

In Her Words: Shannon Bradbury

How to smile again: Grief and motherhood

Oregon families of disabled kids rally to demand parent pay

The case for paying parents of disabled children

'For Some Oregon Children—Including Mine—Public Schools Haven’t Reopened' hits Willamette Week

'Normal' sucked for people like us. Let's not go back, let's go forward

Oregon’s disabled children are about to lose their best-qualified caregivers

What is service?

Disabled children up to three times more likely to grow up around mental illness, other stressors, study says

9 months of this labor of love!

PDX Parent: Parents of disabled children as 'changemakers'

10 things parents wish every IEP team knew

Caution: Handle with Care

Why does everyone think they have ADHD?

I'm not just tired, I'm sleep-deprived. Here's why that matters.

A dream home for an accessible life