Sitemap - 2023 - Medical Motherhood

Best of 2023!

Good news roundup for the week of Dec. 24

Tips for the holidays; NYC mayor failed on SpEd promises; Alabama lawsuits expand; U.K. parent carers demand more financial support

America's failed special education promise; Maine failing early childhood students; Judge blasts Texas for foster care system

UNICEF highlights digital inclusion for girls with disabilities; Aging parents struggle with next steps; CT report finds gaps in accountability

Florida's $800M disability services oversight; Debate over 'profound autism' flares; Colorado's Medicaid under strain

Special Education reform: Will Oregon's largest district budge?

What if Medical Mamas Went on Strike?

Intrigued About My Choices? Here's How I Select News Items for Medical Motherhood

Portland teachers are striking — how does Special Education fit in?

TN explores rejecting federal ed dollars; Caregiving to be top issue in 2024 campaign; Amazing wheelchair costumes

Legal battle at NOLA Catholic schools; Va. paid family program needs improvement; Gender pay gap linked to care needs

Why a Good Scare Can Be Therapeutic

Who is allowed to save the world?

Why schools need to figure out Medicaid billing

Okla. to study corporal punishment; Ala. sued over foster kids' education; N.C. punishes Black disabled students more; France adds to parental leave benefits

Texas parents face pay cuts; foster kids' Social Security scandal; $199M boost for disabled students' career paths

Back to school means something different for medical mamas

Medicaid coverage crisis; the school bus blues; and LEGO's Braille breakthrough

Could your school be getting more health care dollars from Medicaid?

Arizona's paid parent fight; Mom of isolated kindergartener sues; Inclusive sex ed needed

Chop. Cook. Blend. Eat.

Demand for news for medical parents remains strong

The State of Special Education in Portland

Florida Court Battle Continues; Ed Department Pushes States on IDEA; Medicaid 'Unwinding' Leaves Kids, Families Struggling

Landmark ruling may reshape home care nationally; CDC says I/DD is on the rise in kids; and one mom's argument for home-based care

Pediatricians to tackle systemic issues; summer camp options lacking; AP covers family caregiver option

The inner and outer strength of being a medical mama

Discrimination in medicine, Oregon legislators speak on paid parent caregivers, family adopts 6 disabled kids

Oregon legislature passes paid parent caregiver bill

The debate over disability disclosure, Maine to pass parent-caregiver pay, and NJ kids may lose access to a major hospital

Packaging, packaging everywhere

Retaliatory allegations, Medicaid purge, and struggling kinship carers

Debt ceiling negotiations risk Medicaid benefits, Iowa faces special education cuts, and a disabled man reaches Everest summit

The cost of caregiving, the fight for FAPE and NJ's bill to require evacuation plans in IEPs

Happy Mother's Day to all the Supermamas

Year Three of Medical Motherhood begins...

Growing resilience — lessons from a medical mama's garden

Paid family caregivers should be a national policy

News roundup: Pennsylvania schools to offer disability curriculum, Oregon schools outed for potential violations of IDEA, and more

Caregiver's Break Time Blitz: The eternal struggle between productivity and rest

A year ago, Oregon's parents rallied for change. Now they go back to the capitol to pass a paid parent caregiver bill

Home help for your disabled child!*

Go camping! Accessible options in Oregon

Three moms on why they should be able to be paid caregivers for their children

North Dakota could pass paid parent caregiver legislation by the end of April

Julie Beckett’s legacy is honoring the role parents play in raising disabled children

'We did it. It worked.' Watch the senate hearing on paid parent caregiver bills in Oregon

Introducing a supermama superhero: Clarissa Kent, Disability Defender

Year 2 Q3: Medical Motherhood all around town!

Oregon to ban expulsions from preschool but what about kids who never get in?

There are other people walking in the rain

Disabled children are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse. What’s a parent to do?

How to use ChatGPT to simplify the stuff you need to do for your disabled child

Who can help?

Self-care: How to and why